About us

Our kennel is not just a kennel in the common sense of this word. We are group of friends who breed for the sake of Dobermann with love and passion. All our females live in families as family members and our litters are raised inside homes like our children. If you decided that the Dobermann is a right, only one breed for you, exactly that you are looking for, don’t be in hurry to buy the first puppy, consult to specialists and your waiting will be rewarded. If you refer to us you can become not only a happy owner of faithful friend and get a pleasure of communication with it from day to day, an owner of beautiful dog which gives to you also aesthetic pleasure but you can became a member of our united team, get our competent help on all questions.

My story starts from childhood when I fell in love with horses. Those noble creatures took my breath away from the first sight. But how my wonder was when I saw “little noble horse” in urban area of my town! That was DOBERMANN and our long love has begun! I was 12 year age teenager when I got my first precious friend dobermann-girl named Suzon after long fight with parents. We were inseparable! … Firstly I had no plans to breed, but my surroundings and circumstances led me to be breeder for the sake of Dobermann. The history of my breeding begins in 1995 when I got small litter (1 male and 1 female) from my then female Ak-Yar Tsunamy (Tornado Bronko x Seila) which was just mediocre quality and was rejected by Ak-Yar breeder because of it. I got such successful result that even didn’t expect first time. Daughter of Tsunamy, Izida-Dinat-Diamant got many titles and became the best black female at the first Ukrainian Championship in Dnepropetrovsk in 1997 (before our championships got annual and hold in Kiev). Ak-Yar kennel was single monopoly after USSR past in Ukraine and the next bred female Andromeda, which was bought by my then companion came also from «Ak-Yar» kennel. She was just one from numerous stunning sisters who unfortunately were not competently bred and didn’t leave anything especial after them as Andromeda did. The father of the first Andromeda’s litter was young Mauvieres Mufasa de Stang-Zu, imported from France to Moscow. So from the beginning the breeding was based on using of two different blood lined females: Andromeda (Larson f. Frankenland x Ak-Yar Shagrelli) and Izida-Dinat-Diamant (Foster Diamant x Ak-Yar Tsunami). In the first litters of those females we got 2 remarkable dogs. First of them Grafinya Shanel-San de Vinko, which turned out to be worthy of her mother as a exceptional producer and brought the fame to the kennel with her progeny such as Notrdam and Nueva de Vinko, Shardonne-Sherau de Grande Vinko, Entony and Effektnaya Lady de Grande Vinko, Pluto, Playgirl, Phantasy, Paloma Picasso de Grande Vinko etc…Second one was the daughter of Izida — Mistika de Vinko, who was firstly shown successfully (IDC–DV–99–3Sg) at the biggest special show of the breed, 100-year anniversary of Dobermann-breed — IDC-99 in Germany…

After joining of Ukraine to FCI the name of the kennel had to be changed and since 2001 we became «de Grande Vinko» . I boldly decided to add the word «Grande» as we grew stronger and have had some remarkable achievements by that time. 

Many deGV dogs produced a lot of winners and finalists of the biggest international shows, champions of many different countries, great producers. Quintessence of our breeding was World Winner-2006 Hazy Dream deGV which obtained this title in the young age just moving to adult intermedia-class. She’s especial pride of the kennel not only because of great title but because is complete «de Grande Vinko» child: her father Atrejo de Grande Vinko and mother Maksima de Grande Vinko were born in our kennel!

In such difficult times for our breed we try to keep up our work and breed carefully with great attention to health and character!

Join us!